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Holidays and events in Ethiopia

Gregorian Date Ethiopian Date* Name Day Non-working day?
05/28/2024 20/09/2016 Dergue Downfall Tuesday Yes
05/29/2024 21/09/2016 Rekebe Kahinat Wednesday No
06/13/2024 06/10/2016 Ascension Thursday No
06/23/2024 16/10/2016 Pentecost Sunday No
06/24/2024 17/10/2016 Start date of fast of the Apostles Monday No
06/26/2024 19/10/2016 Tsome Dihnet Wednesday No
08/07/2024 01/12/2016 Filseta Fasting Start date Wednesday No
* Unlike the US date format, Ethiopian Date is commonly written in dd/mm/yyyy form, like 25/02/2012.